"For the first time in history, SignalNDT has created one system that can be used for all types of Digital Industrial Radiography."

Our new line of products features dual Log/Linear data capture, 18 Bit, and 2x Sample Rate.

Earlier today SignalNDT, a division of company iCRco specializing in development of Industrial Radiography and Computed Tomography solutions, announced completion of its brand-new, exclusive 18 Bit, dual Log/Linear amplification board set for its line of CR/DR/CT devices. This exclusive product, an 18 Bit data acquisition solution with hardware based linear or log amplifiers selectable through the software interface, provides the basis for new kinds of CR/DR instruments. This advanced system features a turbo speed component procuring 2x sampling rates and providing the opportunity to reduce cycle time and improve throughput on all SignalNDT CR/DR/CT systems.

“This system design has taken over 2 years to perfect, and we continue to explore how we can extend the reach of Industrial Radiography using this new CR/DR/CT technology,” stated Stephen Neushul, President of iCRco Inc. SignalNDT has designed and developed the world’s only line of Large Area Curved Sensor CT solutions and is further expanding the capability of Industrial Radiography with the introduction of this new electronics board set.  SignalNDT has created an innovative digital solution that eliminates the question of Linear or Log data capture by consolidating the two separate amplification circuits on one motherboard.  This new system eliminates software transformations or data mapping after capture increasing product efficiency and allowing the user to focus on acquisition of the best data set for the application.  With a software button the user can select the type of data (Linear, Log, or Linear with a mapping function) they wish to acquire on the fly. For the first time in history, SignalNDT has created one system that can be used for all types of Digital Industrial Radiography.


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Matthew Williams
Lead Sales Engineer

OCTOBER 25, 2018