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Precision X-ray Imaging. Engineered for Excellence.

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In the oil and gas industry, X-ray NDT plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure such as pipelines and pressure vessels. Signalndt, specializes in providing advanced X-ray inspection services tailored for this sector. Regular inspections are essential as they enable the detection of corrosion, cracks, and other defects that, if left unchecked, could potentially result in leaks or catastrophic failures. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise, Signalndt, helps safeguard operations by identifying and addressing these issues proactively.



In manufacturing and OEM industries, X-ray NDT is indispensable for maintaining high standards of product quality and consistency. Signalndt excels in providing specialized X-ray inspection services tailored for these sectors. Manufacturers rely on X-ray NDT to inspect welds, castings, forgings, and other components for defects, ensuring that products meet stringent quality requirements. This proactive approach helps prevent product failures and enhances overall product quality, bolstering reliability and customer satisfaction.



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In the aerospace industry, X-ray NDT plays a pivotal role in upholding the safety and reliability of essential aircraft components. SignalNDT specializes in delivering advanced X-ray inspection services tailored for aerospace applications. Inspections are meticulously conducted on welded joints, castings, and composite materials to detect defects such as cracks, voids, or inclusions that could potentially compromise structural integrity. By employing state-of-the-art technology and expertise, Signalndt helps aerospace manufacturers maintain stringent quality standards and ensure the continued safety of airborne systems.




Signalndt, a division of iCRco Inc., an OEM manufacturer of imaging components and a global leader in digital imaging systems for non-destructive testing (NDT), X-ray inspection, baggage screening, and thickness gauging, was launched in 2016.


Building on a legacy of precision X-ray imaging products dating back to 1990, Signalndt is a focused engineering group specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced imaging systems and software.

Signalndt ensures product quality throughout its lifecycle with dedicated service centers based in the US and internationally (The Netherlands), offering 24/7 service and support. Located in Goleta, California, USA, Signalndt designs, develops, and manufactures everything in its factory.


As a leader in the radiography field, Signalndt consistently sets the standard of excellence in NDT and security X-ray imaging applications.



Signalndt introduces a versatile system for all Digital Industrial Radiography needs. We're proud to announce our latest innovation: an exclusive 18-bit dual Log/Linear amplification board set designed for our CR/DR/CT devices.

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